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Emerging Homebuyer Trends

Recent market research coming out of Color Marketing Group International provides strategic insights as to what’s important to homebuyers right now.  (As a veteran company servicing new homebuyers for 5 decades, Leonard’s stays on top of these emerging trends and responds to them with a growing product mix. )  


Consumers are more willing to pay for value, which results in better design.  Design foundation products such as carpet, flooring, and countertops are part of this trend.

Green design is important, with ‘qualifiers’.  Homeowner needs to know how it will benefit them as well as their environment.

Meaningful Square Footage is a significant trend, as well as more scaled-down floor plans.  Multi-function rooms, good use of vertical space (no two-story foyers), blending exterior spaces into floor plans (atriums, courtyards) are all taking on importance.  (Visit Leonard’s XGRASS Turf segment to learn about natural-looking synthetic turf for these areas of your home–listed under Specialty Products tab at top of page.)

Multi-family floor plans are a leading design preference as family structures continue to change (bounce-back kids and grandparents joining the household).

Amenity areas for townhomes, condos, and neighborhood club houses are getting larger in response to Baby Boomer’s and Gen Y’ers lifestyles.

Low-maintenance exteriors and landscaping are important to homebuyers, especially Baby Boomer generation. (See XGRASS Turf under Specialty Products tab at top of page.)

Stay tuned to our Blog posts.  “What’s Hot, What’s Not” coming soon…


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