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Natural Stone

Natural Stone:  Limestone, tumbled stone, slate and travertine all fall into this category.

Limestone:  This is a softer stone that tends to be very porous, containing organic components such as shells and coral.  Colors are neutral and range from creamy beige to browns, to soft rusts and blues.  It has a clean, tailored appearance and is most popular in a honed (matte) finish.  Proper maintenance and sealing is required to prevent staining.

Tumbled Stone:  This is a process rather than just one type of stone.  Marble, travertine and limestone can all be tumbled to produce a distressed, timeworn look.  Because it is an attractive accent to polished granite, marble or limestone, it can work in both casual and more formal designs.  It’s available in many tile sizes, accent strips, mosaics and chair rails and lends itself to stunning countertops, surrounds and backsplash treatments.

Slate:   If you are looking for a stone that says “colorful and earthy”, slate is probably the choice you are looking for, for interior or exterior use.  From rustic to contemporary settings, slate is a transitional material that suits many design modes.  The natural clefting along the surface gives slate a unique, textured look. Noted for its dramatic color range, you will find a natural mix of hues–from rich reds and rusty oranges to murky blues, greens and lavenders.  High contrast stones make each slate floor totally unique and beautifully original.

Travertine:  This stone is also in the limestone family, so it shares a number of the same characteristics.  It’s made up of many layers of mineral composites that, over time, cool and crystallize into travertine.  In its original form, this stone has thousands of natural holes running through it. The travertine is usually “filled”, meaning that these inherent small holes are filled and then the entire stone polished to a high sheen.  The filled areas retain their matte finish, giving the travertine an interesting, textural look.  Like limestone, travertine will require preventative maintenance over time to retain its natural beauty.


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