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Area Rugs

Without a doubt, area rugs have come into their own as a fashion statement synonymous with the description “art for your floors”.  Designers don’t expect the popularity of stone, hardwoods, or ceramic floors to wane anytime soon.  We do expect that these floor product trends will, however, propel area rugs to superstar status. 

You don’t have to compromise warmth and comfort for aesthetics these days.  You can have the best of both worlds by utilizing attractive area rugs to complement the hard surface flooring choices you have made.  Area rug designs are more diverse than ever, covering the spectrum from bold contemporary to ancient Oriental rug designs.  Colors range from soft pastels to vibrant hues, and there’s something to match any décor.  As is the case when choosing broadloom carpet, you should choose a fiber that fits your lifestyle and your budget.  Wool area rugs are plush, luxurious and environmentally friendly, but tend to be more expensive.  Nylon or olefin area rugs are now “The Great Pretenders”, and can mimic wool quite convincingly.  Of course, they are friendlier to the budget and offer ease of maintenance.  Depending on the fiber you choose, Leonard’s Services will be sure to provide you with appropriate care and maintenance instructions for your new area rug. 

Leonard’s recommends a protective pad underlay to be placed beneath area rugs.  The pad should be ½” smaller than the rug dimensions so the carpet edges will be flush with the floor.  A quality pad will protect your floor, prevent slippage and wrinkling, and add a little extra comfort.  Our designers recommend leaving at least 12” to 18” of your hard surface material showing around the perimeter of a room, if choosing a room-sized area rug.  This creates a border effect that’s very pleasing to the eye, and adds continuity to your design if that flooring is used in adjacent rooms.

All in all, area rugs are more than just colorful accessories for your floor.  They bring cohesiveness to your design and provide a family-friendly living environment that brings livable comfort to your home.


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