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Installation Strengths

Expertise in installation is critical to the success of any design project, commercial or residential.  To that end, Leonard’s Services takes pride in the abilities of our on-staff installation crews.  These are seasoned installers, highly trained to handle any combination of materials they are asked to install. 

FLOORS:   Hardwoods, laminates, stone, tile, cork, broadloom carpet or carpet tiles—any type of flooring is within our scope.  From sanding, grinding and fine prep work, to the end goal of a clean, professional installation, Leonard’s flooring installation crews are among the finest in California.  Our training ground has been model homes, where perfection and detail work are always critical.

COUNTERS:  Included in our menu of services, Leonard’s has crews well trained to install all types of countertop materials—granite, solid surface products, quartz products, and tile.    Since we fabricate counters in-house, we are able to oversee material ordering, templating, fabrication, and on-site installations, all of which contribute to a seamless design process for you.

WINDOWS:  If window coverings are part of your design project, you can rely on Leonard’s to provide quality, brand-name products, AND quality installation as well.

Given this powerful triad of installation services, we hope you’ve come to the conclusion that Leonard’s Services is the best choice to help you streamline your design process. Our company works hard to provide all the building blocks needed to create the very foundation of your projects.  Please contact us for more information.


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