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Leonard’s Services recognizes that sustainability and attention to Green products is an important commitment.  To that end, we have thoroughly researched the products we carry and the Green practices of the manufacturers of those products.  Attention to “Green” has been a guiding force in our product selection over the years, and that will continue.  In addition, we have Green Certified Professionals on staff to guide you in the selection process for your design.

As a prime example of our company’s commitment to sustainability, Leonard’s has partnered with Shaw Industries as one of our major suppliers.  Shaw has committed to a joint-venture project to produce recycled PET from post-consumer plastic bottles.  This polyester fiber will be integrated into their ClearTouch® brand carpets as well as their EcoLogix® commercial carpet cushion system. By mid-2010 Shaw Industries will have a new recycling plant processing 2.5 billion plastic bottles annually.  Also noteworthy is Shaw’s Anso® brand nylon used in their EverTouch® carpets.  These are 100% cradle-to-cradle, recyclable carpets that reduce the need for virgin raw materials, and reduce the amount of post-consumer carpet ending up in landfills.  Shaw’s Green Edge program coincides with Leonard’s Services’ commitment to provide the most beautiful — and sustainable — flooring products possible, while safeguarding our planet.


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